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NELA JUST interior design atelier creates projects and designs of residential interiors.
Seems obvious, but not entirely. A flat or a house are places with which we are emotionally connected - often for our whole life.
For me, every project is a challenge! Each one of them is different people, different stories, different needs, dreams and imagination.

Making project is to care of the smallest detail, which is why NELA JUST interior design provides a wide range of services - from choosing the first apartment, making the concept of the house's façade, to planning its functionality, developing concepts, making executive drawings for home, supervision of the ongoing construction of a home, hairdressing, store, business premises, showroom...
and a lot more.

Latest realizations -
your interiors and our work

I invite the best experts in their specializations to work during the realization - carpenters, constructors, locksmiths, rafters and many others.
I know that each of them brings new quality to the whole interior.
From this cooperation is created a complete design, over which I watch personally from the beginning to the end.

How does this happen in reality? The simplest way to define it is this: I start with Your goal, which is suited to your needs interior, and then I began to realizing it.

And if you want to know more details, check out my blog or contact me.

Be sure to review the photos below.

Latest projects,
or on this we are currently working

Private or public interiors? Modern and functional bathroom? Stylish mezzanine? Maybe home elevation?

If you want to see how will look project conception in form of photorealistic visualizations, then you found it.

Look below!

Customers about NELA JUST interior design

In work I related with princile that thruth about the company is within the expirence of their customers.

Their level of satisvaction shows high quality of my projects. I think that opinions of my customers are the best express of the brand value NELA JUST interior design

On high level

A fully professional company. Large selection of projects. Individual approach to each client, at a high level. I highly recommend!

Karolina B., Bystra

She is characterized by her great professionalism

I am satisfied. The apartment worked out very nicely and functionally. I will also have nice memories of working with Ms Nela. She is characterized by her great professionalism. She did not impose her ideas, she was able to listen to my expectations and based on them, she suggested interesting solutions. I recommend!

Urszula H., Cisiec

Individual approach

Great cooperation, Miss Nela approaches everything very individually and professionally, she has considerable knowledge about used materials and always offers helpful advice. Overall, I RECOMMEND! :)

Jarosław P., Węgierska Górka

Recent posts on the blog

What for need interior designer a blog? Answer is simple: too know you better!

In a blog I reveal ideas and thoughs about interior design, but it is not the only thing. I reval myself. I reval the world, that has been close to me for many years (and with every day is more closer). In this way I gathered my knowlege and expirence, which I gladly share it with you!

If you want to know how was it on design fairy or see the latest trends in interior design, be sure to clik here.

And if you what to check the most common mistakes by designing and find their solutions, also look in to the link above :)

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