The design process

The conversation

Knowing the needs and preferable esthetic of the Invesotr. 
Filling in the questionnaire to help determine the basic design assumptions based on the client's guidelines.


That is one of the moste importent stages of the work on a project. From detailed and precise inventorisation of the interior we are gathering the mesaruments that are crutial to every project.


Proposals of the ergonomic layout of all designed rooms are made. Here are also made very important decisions that will affect the next stage of work.

The concept

Determining the preferred aesthetics of the interior, choosing a color scheme, proposing equipment, selecting basic materials, developing lighting, determining the type of floors and walls. Everything selected from hundreds of possibilities, in terms of function, quality and budget of the Investor.


Photorealistic visualizations, which present conception are the an inseparable element of the design precess. Through them we convey the whole idea of the project design.

Initial costs

Following the implementation of the conceptual design, a basic package of valuations, materials and equipment is created. On its basis, final decisions are made, regarding to the detailed design and definitive budget.

The executive part

The most important and responsible part of the interior design project. Thanks to this we are going form the concept to the to the buiding site. We are converting our work to the language of installers, electricians, carpenters and equipment suppliers.

The cost estimate

It is creates in parallel with the detailed interior design. It contains a package of valuations of materials, equipment, lighting as well as information about exemplary syppliers.

Constractors, suppliers

We will help you make the decision which contrctors or suppliers choose. Thanks to our experience, we can also recommend several specialists.

Author's supervision

To implement the project in accordance with the assumptions of the entire project, it is important to take care of the author's supervision. It is a control of the quality and the work of building contractors in compliance with the documentation of the interior design project.