NELA JUST interior design - born from passion

Nela Just Architekt Wnętrz

Short story of Nela - the beginning

The company NELA JUST interior design is on market since 2017. Headquarters of the studio is located in picturesque village - Cisiec in Beskid Żywiecki. The natural environment stimulates creativity and work on a projects. An intimate circle allows use the individual advices from a local contractors and the best local suppliers. The owner of the studio is - Nela Just - very passionate about interior architecture. She knew that she would become an interior architect since she started attending to Liceum Plastyczne named by Julian Fałat in Bielsko-Biała.

Her work is also her roots, because love to interiors she inherited from her father, who for about 20 years worked as a construction worker. That is why Nela's childhood is growing houses with her. She knows the process from the inside out, hence the deep sensitivity and perspicacity in understanding the needs of her clients.

Architecture, inspirations and experience

Years spent in college at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design E. Geppert in Wrocław on a major interior architecture only developed her imagination, creativity and belief that she will create original spaces. As she says:

"During my studies I met many interesting people with whom I maintain contact until today. I took part in interesting events and competitions. I remember this period as the greatest flourish of my creativity and beeing open to new challenges."

Nela is an individualist who felt that her goal is her own company and brand. She always wanted to leave behind interiors - personal cards. In realization of this idea helped her experience acquired during numerous apprenticeships and 3 years of work as an interior designer at the Wiewióra&Golczyk Architekci design office. She was working there by projects and during the relizations of residential buildings, cafes, restaurants, shops, and also larger projects such as the Amphitheater in Żywiec.

"After 3 years spent by side the best designers and architects like Maciej Wiewióra, Dorota Kruczyńska Herzyk, Magda Żuławska, and Marek Pietraszko (and many others), I decided it was time to spread the wings - Nela recalls - it was hard to leave ..."

Nela and NELA JUST interior design

Beginnings can be difficult, but this phase Nela has already behind her. After six months from the opening of the NELA JUST interior design, the company enjoyed great success and numerous clients satisfied with the cooperation, whose group is still growing. And this is for Nela and NELA JUST most important, because is there something better than the joy on the face of others when they see their dream home, room, restaurant or office? As a child, watching her father, Nela learned that not only the end result of the work, but also the foundations are important. That's why she talks with her clients, she listens to them and she cares about great beginning and spectacular enddings.

"I think that talking with the client and understanding his or hers needs is very important, as well as explaining the work process for each project. The views of the designed interior space are not only just nice pictures, that are need to be impressive. There are a lot of additional documents, drawings, lists of materials, estimates and arrangements that are an integral part of any project."

The secret of interiors designed by NELA JUST interior design lies in the fact that NELA JUST is simply Nela: passion, creativity, originality and an unconventional approach to life.

So now let's talk about You and Your interior.